Solar car

Solar car

2013 Race Results

Solar Car Challenge Race Placings:
Winner: Scots School (138 laps)
2nd Place: ?Wodonga Institute of TAFE (109laps)
3rd Place: ?Belvoir Special Development School (105 laps)

Overall Winner Solar Car Challenge 2013:
Prize sponsored by Blackwoods
SchoolTeam: Scots School
Mentor: Bertazzo Engineered

Superior Craftsmanship Award:
Prize sponsored by IICA?
School Team: Corowa High School
Mentor: Terry Cornelius Panels

Excellence in Presentation Award:?
Prize sponsored by NELLEN?
School Team: Belvoir Special Development School
Mentor: Wilson Transformer Company

Most Innovative Car Award:
Prize sponsored by IICA?
School Team: Border Christian College
Mentor: Milspec Manufacturing

Team Encouragement Award:?
Prize sponsored by MICEEP
?School Team: Wodonga Institute of TAFE
Mentor: S & K Francis Engineering

Celebrity Challenge Race:
Prize sponsored by Solar Car Challenge
Winner: Kevin Poulton
105.7 The River

FASTEST LAPS (in seconds):
?17.875 The Scots School Albury?
17.875 Murray High School?
19.500 Albury High School?
18.813 Beechworth Secondary College
20.750 James Fallon High School?
21.125 Corowa High School?
21.635 Billabong High School?
21.750 Belvoir Special Development School
21.813 Wodonga Institute of TAFE?
22.875 Tallangatta Secondary College
23.375 Border Christian College?
27.188 Wodonga Middle Years College
51.625 Riverina Aspect School

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2013 Solar Car Challenge and a huge thank you to all the students, mentors, schools, celebrities and local businesses for making another Solar Car Race Day a great success.
Special thanks also to the students who helped our Celebrity Racers.” Well done everyone! We look forward to seeing you all again in 2014!
A special thanks to the students who helped our Celebrity Racers to stay on the “straight & narrow.” Well done everyone!

Main Race:
1st Wodonga TAFE = 124 laps - Overall Race Winner
?2nd Border Christian College = 117 laps - Superior Craftsmanship Award?
3rd The Scots School Albury = 115 laps
?4th Beechworth Secondary College = 106 laps
?5th James Fallon High School = 103 laps
?6th Corowa High School = 96 laps
?7th Albury High School = 87 laps
?8th Belvoir Special School = 79 laps - Most Innovative Car Award?
9th Billabong High School = 79 laps - Excellence in Presentation Award?
10th Finley High = 71 laps?
11th Tallangatta Secondary College = 58 laps - Team Sportsmanship Award?
12th Albury Wodonga Community College = 57 laps?
13th Murray High = 56 laps?
14th Wodonga Middle Years College = 17 laps - Team Encouragement Award
Fastest lap of the day was recorded by The Scots School Albury at 18.83 seconds.



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