Solar car

Solar car

Welcome to the Solar Car Challenge

What is it?

The Solar Car Challenge is an exciting program designed to provide opportunities for students, teachers and local industry to work together to design, construct and race a remote controlled solar powered car.

The program began in 2003 by concerned local industry leaders in an effort to raise awareness of and link students into the manufacturing industry, and has continued to grow in strength each year since that first race.

The goals of the project are to:

  • Build strong and ongoing relationships between industry and schools
  • Promote careers in manufacturing to students and the school community as a whole
  • Engage students in a way that the traditional education process may not be meeting

How does it work?

Students and a teacher are aligned with an Industry Mentor and provided with basic parts / materials to design and construct a solar powered car. The project culminates at a gala race day where all teams compete for one hour, with the winner deemed as the team who’s car has completed the most laps of the purpose built track.

Each school and/or industry mentor has the opportunity to build other activities into the program, including: industry tours; career education and media/promotion.

Launch Day

When: Thursday 16th June 2016 5pm - 7pm
Where: MAMA Art Museum
Dean St, Albury

Practice Day

When: Friday 14th October 2016
Where: "Transformer Park"
Wilson Transformer Company, 19 Moloney Drive, Wodonga

Next Race Day

When: Friday 28th October 2016
Where: "Transformer Park"
Wilson Transformer Company, 19 Moloney Drive, Wodonga Come along and support the 2015 Solar Car Challenge!

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